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By Rose Vitalis – Nutrition Specialist, Expert on Female Health & Hormones

Dear Mirena Victim,

If the side effects from your Mirena implant are making you miserable, and are causing you to gain excess weight that you can’t lose no matter how hard you try, then this page will be one of the most important ones you will ever read with regards to safeguarding your health.

I will reveal the truth behind Mirena and weight gain and explain to you why you gained all the excess weight, and what you can do to reverse the damage done to your metabolism and hormones.

If you are having side effects from Mirena then you most likely have experienced one or more of the following:

  • Have you recently inserted a Mirena or Paragard IUD, or had it removed?
  • Are you starting to notice painful, unbearable, side effects…and you’re not sure if it is due to the Mirena implant or not?
  • Are all your medical tests coming back negative or normal?
  • Is your Doctor telling you “Everything is fine”…and still you feel like something is wrong?
  • Do you feel your doctors can’t help you get better…and you sense something is not right with your body?
  • Do you feel angry and helpless, and don’t know what to do about your side effects and the excess weight you gained due to the Mirena?

On this page I will reveal what you need to know, and the exact steps you need to take to reverse the damage the Mirena implant did to your metabolism and your hormones, and overcome your side effects.

This information is critical to you since you can use it to help heal your body on your own!


Mirena Weight Gain Side Effects…

You are not alone.

There are thousands of women in the same boat as you, suffering from different IUD side effects.

Mirena use can cause side effects like:


  • excess weight gain
  • noticeable hair loss
  • infertility
  • bleeding
  • irregular cycles
  • low energy
  • early menopause
  • severe cramps
  • depression attacks
  • discharge and odors
  • acne, and several other side effects all due to Mirena use.


All these symptoms and side effects have the same root causes and once I reveal to you where the side effects are coming from and why, then you will know what you need to do to reverse the damage and lose the excess weight you gained due to Mirena, and restore your health.

Here’s what’s real…

mirena crash detoxMost women keep struggling with Mirena side effects because of the lack of accurate medical information available to an average woman. (Not to mention the incorrect information available all over the web for free.)

Plus, most doctors are not trained to deal with or know the many side effects of having an IUD, and are unsympathetic to the pains of their patients.

If this is you, I feel for you, and there is hope for you, so please read on.

Here is a scientific case study which showed the real truth behind Mirena’s many side effects and the real harm it can do to not only your reproductive system but your entire body!


Mirena can cause Premature Menopause!

The following are screenshots taken from a research study by the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Mirena Side Effects & Premature Menopause

Mirena Side Effects & Premature Menopause

My Own Personal Struggle with Mirena Side Effects

I had my Mirena IUD inserted six weeks after the birth of my first child. My husband and I were trying to save some money and focus on our careers, and we thought it would be best to wait a few years before having another child.

Within a few weeks of inserting it, I developed an ovarian cyst, and then I discovered I had cervical cancer cells.

I thought it was a coincidence so I had the procedure for my cancer cells and got another Mirena in.

I had the Mirena in me for 2 years, and the side effects made my life HELL!

Within five months, I had gained 30 pounds! I had the most horrible PMS, started growing facial hair, had no sex drive, suffered from serious chronic fatigue, nagging breast pain, random anxiety attacks, and endless pelvic pain.

I kept gaining weight while on the Mirena and couldn’t lose it no matter how hard I tried. I exercised everyday and went on a very strict low-carb, low-fat diet and nearly starved myself. Yet nothing changed.

I was also suffering from serious mood swings and intense feelings of dullness, depression, and irritability. Most of the time, I just didn’t feel like doing anything.

All these side effects combined worked against me to the point where I was unable to physically or mentally offer my family the love and care they deserved.

My energy, and spirit, were gone.

I went to doctor after doctor who told me my blood tests are normal and that Mirena can’t cause these problems.

I put up with it for too long, and then decided to get it out! My OB/GYN doctor was very reluctant to remove it and told me that it was highly unlikely that this would be the cause of any of my problems.

My pelvic pain and the side effects persisted and kept getting worse over time. On each visit to the doctor, I asked her to just remove the Mirena, but she refused. (Does that make ANY sense to you?)

Then I crashed.

One day I felt very light-headed and dizzy, and it persisted all day long.

I had severe cramping and pain in my stomach.

I had no energy and could not do very much all day, because I kept feeling like I was going to pass out. I thought I was getting sick, but it wasn’t a ‘normal’ illness.

Later that evening, my Mirena came out by itself.

Many of my symptoms still persisted and even became worse even after my Mirena was expelled.

I was at a loss of what to do to restore my health, and my doctor did not give me much hope. (I think she thought my symptoms were all in my head!) I lost hope that I would ever get better or feel well again.

But to be honest…I am not a person who would just suffer and allow myself to be a victim. I knew I wasn’t well, and I was willing to go to any length to get my life and my health back.

The Real Cause of All Mirena Side Effects

So I started doing extensive research on the side effects of Mirena, and found several research studies on the topic.

That’s when I found out that all my symptoms and side effects are common among many women who have used Mirena.

The real culprit was…the Mirena!

That’s because… Mirena causes a severe hormonal imbalance in a female’s body, and most medical doctors are not aware of this.

Here’s the science behind it:

When Mirena is in the body, the body produces less and less of its natural hormone, progesterone, because of the sustained release of the synthetic hormone, progestin, from the Mirena IUD, and this causes many side effects and imbalances in the body.

It gets worse, however, when the Mirena is removed, and the body is no longer getting that synthetic hormone progestin anymore, and yet is still not producing enough of its own innate natural hormone progesterone.

The suppression of progesterone, due to being on the mirena, confuses our endocrine system, and leads to a serious hormonal imbalance, and to a condition named “Estrogen Dominance”, which increases your risk of developing breast cancer.

This is responsible for symptoms such as excess weight gain and the inability to lose weight, bleeding, premenstrual tension, breast tenderness, foggy thinking, depression, mood swings, water retention, bloating, and insulin resistance. Not all women experience all of these symptoms, but as a mirena user you are susceptible to all of them.

How I Overcame the Mirena Side Effects & Regained My Health

I was on a mission to figure out an all-natural, holistic way to bring my hormones back to balance.

I wanted to be sure I would only use safe, gentle and completely natural methods, without having to resort to synthetic hormones and chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs ever again, or even things like bio-identical hormones or hormone replacement therapy.

As time went by and as I researched and read every book and scientific study on hormone health that I could lay my hands on, and attended every health seminar in the country, I started putting the many scattered pieces of the puzzle together. It took months of my life to unearth what I now know, and much of it was really startling for me to discover!

Over time my passion and hunger for overcoming my health problems got even stronger, especially when I started feeling better and my health started improving! Day by day I felt better and better by using what I was learning to reverse the problems inside my body.

I continued avidly studying books, research studies and natural methods for restoring and reviving hormone health. I kept researching, experimenting and digging deeper to uncover what was wrong and how to reverse the damage my body had suffered during the two years on Mirena!

It took over a year of healing my body with these natural, holistic methods, but finally I felt like…

I Completely Healed & Felt Like a New Woman!

Not only did I fully regain my health back, but I started to have more energy and vitality than I EVER had in my whole life!

In fact, I had more energy and vitality than I ever did, even before I had my Mirena!

Truth be told, even though I had suffered horribly with my Mirena Hell, it may actually have been a blessing in disguise!

Why? Because now I had discovered natural ways to make myself even healthier and stronger than I ever dreamed possible – I would never have known this without suffering with Mirena’s side effects and getting fired up about finding my own personal cure. The truth is, in the end of it all…I was truly grateful for that.

So, because I was aware of the huge physical, emotional and spiritual toll that an IUD like Mirena and its side effects can have on a woman, I knew I didn’t want more women to keep suffering needlessly.

Not when I had healed myself.

As I thought about everything I learned throughout my healing journey, along with the new information I was actively learning everyday, I knew I had to refine it all into an easy-to-implement, step-by-step, organized program.

My goal was to create something that any Mirena victim, who is suffering with side effects like I did, can use to easily restore her health and have her life back.

And so, I created a complete, holistic program to:

Eliminate All Mirena Side Effects & Lose the Weight in 40 Days or Less!

Here’s what I did for you:

I compiled all my notes and condensed hundreds of pages of research and actionable information into a refined, easy-to-follow, digital program named: The Complete Mirena Detox Program.

This is a simplified, step-by-step, 40-day program designed to rid a woman of all the symptoms and agonizing side effects that are caused by the Mirena and Paragard IUDs.

When this program is applied, it will help a woman fully restore her hormonal balance, reverse the side effects of an IUD, and have her health and her energy levels back.

I designed the program so that it is very simple to apply, yet very detailed and thorough; I wanted to cover all the scientific research including the reasons why you have the side effects and how you can naturally heal your body and restore your hormones to optimal levels.

This program was designed so that, if you fully and strictly apply it, you will see a transformation in your health in 40 days or less, guaranteed.

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The Complete Mirena Detox Program

This is your complete guide to restoring your health, healing your hormones and cleansing your body.

The main reason why this holistic program is immensely effective is that it contains scientifically proven methods (along with references to supporting scientific research studies and evidence) for healing your body and your hormones naturally with food, herbs, all-natural supplements, exercises and lifestyle rituals and changes.

In this program you will read about unbiased independent scientific research that gets to the truth of why Mirena causes side effects and what you can do to heal your body and lose the excess weight you gained.

This complete program is truly the bible of how to restore your health after Mirena, eliminate the Mirena side effects and symptoms, lose the excess weight, and have your life and energy back.

The Complete Mirena Detox Program Manual contains 10 chapters, with simple explanations, instructions, and the action steps you should take to reverse your Mirena side effects and transform your health.

Here is a quick glimpse into it:

  1. Understanding Hormones & Hormonal Imbalances
  2. How to Naturally Build Progesterone and Healthy Hormones
  3. How to Accelerate Weight Loss and Improve Metabolism and Digestion
  4. How to Reduce Excess Estrogens (The “Bad” Hormones)
  5. The Mirena Detox Diet
  6. Overcoming Specific Side Effects & Problems Caused by IUDs
  7. Colon & Liver Cleansing
  8. Cleansing & Detoxification of Copper & Toxins from Mirena
  9. Lifestyle Strategies, Rituals & Exercises
  10. Rebuilding & Strengthening Your Immune System

How Can You Be Sure That This Program Works?

To verify that the Program is working, I advise you to simply take a hormone test before starting the program, and then take another test after completing it, and see the improvements for yourself. You will also feel the changes in your body and outlook on life within days of starting to apply the program.

In the program, I discuss the most reliable, convenient, and affordable ways to get your hormones tested and what you can do to get your levels up to the optimal range.

When you follow this program, your tests will show a dramatic improvement in your hormone levels within 40 days of starting the program.

How Will This Program Help Me Lose Weight Quickly & Effortlessly?



  • The Mirena Detox Program Works on Restoring, rebalancing and optimising your hormone levels. Hormones are the master switch of metabolism. If you have healthy metabolism, you will lose weight almost effortlessly. What the mirena does is it messes up your hormones, which in turn almost shuts down your metabolism, and that is what made you gain the weight in the first place and made it nearly impossible to lose it without addressing your hormones first.



  • The hormonal imbalances that are caused by mirena make your cravings to sugar and carbohydrates much worse, which in turn makes you gain more weight and makes it much harder for you to control yourself and lose any weight. The Mirena Detox program deliberately works on eliminating cravings to sugar, carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, and shows you how to replace them with other nutritious foods that are equally sinfully delicious, so that you can lose the weight faster and easier, without having to exercise much willpower and drive yourself crazy!



  • The Mirena Detox Program will dramatically improve and strengthen your digestion. This will help you lose weight faster, absorb your food and the nutrients in it much better, and not feel bloated or tired after eating.



  • This program will open your eyes to many foods and dishes that are extremely nutritious and nourishing. These foods alone will dramatically improve your metabolism and hormones and help your body lose all the excess weight faster and easier.



  • You will learn about many fun and enjoyable exercises and lifestyle activities that will help you lose weight and that you can do at home, without having to go to the gym.



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You Can’t Afford to Keep Ignoring Your Symptoms!

You may think that your symptoms and imbalances are minor and will go away soon. Or you may continue to suffer and think it will get better if you wait it out.

You can’t be further from the truth.

Ignoring this will only make you gain more and more weight, and cause your symptoms to keep getting worse as each day goes by!

The hormonal imbalances and side effects that are caused by Mirena can be more serious than cancer, and what they can do to your body can handicap you and ruin your life if left untreated!

These are just some of the things that Mirena and hormone imbalances can cause you:


  • Early menopause. More and more women are reporting having symptoms of premature menopause after having their Mirena. The Mirena IUD causes several imbalances in the body that ultimately lead to early menopause. Sadly, many women in their early thirties are experiencing early menopause without knowing that the Mirena IUD is causing it. This of course can lead to infertility and not being able to have children later in life!



  • Brain damage: Estrogen dominance, which is caused by Mirena, has been linked to premature brain damage. Hormones and brain health are very closely related, so is this type of birth control worth risking early onset of Alzheimer’s?



  • Depression: The IUD interferes with the production of the hormone progesterone. When we have very low progesterone levels, we feel depressed, moody, and dull, lose our zest for life and become lifeless and emotionally imbalanced, which can lead to job loss, relationship problems and even dark, suicidal thoughts!



  • Inability to reach orgasm, and enjoying sex less. Since IUDs Interferes with hormones and your brain chemicals, you desire sex less and have fewer and less intense orgasms, which causes all kinds of relationship problems and the decreased satisfaction of sexual partners.



  • Other psychological symptoms such as feeling apprehensive, suspicious, and worrying excessively with a gloomy, downcast, angry and depressed outlook. Anxiety and panic attacks are linked to Mirena use, and these emotional attacks can and do happen, so is it really worth it?



  • Massive weight gain: Hormone imbalances weaken the digestion and slow down the metabolism, which causes us to burn fat less efficiently and ultimately gain a lot of weight. Is gaining 25 to 35 pounds or more of excess body fat really worth it?



  • Rapid aging: Hormonal imbalances wreak havoc in our bodies. They overwhelm our immune system and endocrine system, which causes us to age much faster and lose our youthfulness early. This is a huge side effect most women are unaware of when they are discussing using the Mirena device for contraception in their doctor’s office!


Living with the side effects of Mirena is dangerous, and can be destructive to your health and ruin your life.

Make A Smart Investment in Your Health Today



  • The price of this program is $47, which is only $1.20 a day for the next 40 days. So, let’s say you only make $5 an hour, and this program enables you to put in a half an hour of work extra everyday. Then you will have made back double your money and more in 40 days. And that’s using very conservative numbers. Imagine how much it is costing you NOT to have access to this information, and how much more you can gain from applying this program, and having the extra energy and focus.



  • Feeling tired and lethargic, not having energy to do anything, and having to miss work is already costing you a lot more than the price of this program. Conversely, having more energy and focus will enable you to work more, be more focused, and excel at your work, which will easily give you a massive return on your investment.



  • Before I discovered any of this information, I spent thousands of dollars on doctor visits, medications, drugs and other treatments and “therapies” that didn’t work at all or only worked in the short-term. By investing in this program, you won’t have to go through all of that and waste any of your hard-earned money on things that don’t work.



  • The time you will save by having instant access to this program is worth more than a thousandfold its price. It can literally take you years to discover all this information on your own, and go though the trial-and-error of finding what works and what doesn’t. Imagine how much time you will waste searching, looking for solutions, following the wrong advice, and trying to get rid of all your symptoms. Instead you can have all the information you need in one organized, easy-to-follow program that you can apply immediately and start seeing the benefits within days.



  • The long-term effects of not handling this right away may result in further, more serious health problems and diseases that can be very expensive and challenging to treat. Breast cancer and premature menopause are only two of the diseases that have been linked to hormone imbalances and IUD use. It is believed that women with low progesterone (which the mirena causes) are five times more likely to develop cancer.



Why Is The Price So Low?

Currently, I’m offering the program for only a quarter of its original price, and I plan to raise the price soon to $197, which means that by taking advantage of this offer and getting the program today, you will be saving $150.

I am only offering such a low price because I would like for people to try my product and provide me with their honest feedback and their unbiased testimonials. Once I get enough feedback and testimonials to show that my program delivers on its promises, the price will go back up to $197.

I nearly have all the testimonials I need, and will be changing the price anytime soon, so I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this price and order the book today.

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If You’re Not Happy, Get All Your Money Back Instantly

I want to help you end your own Mirena nightmare, and with that thought in mind I am going to make this easy and 100% risk-free for you, so you would have nothing to lose.

I want you to be honest with yourself and do your best to fully commit to this program.

If it did not rid you of all the extra weight and the side effects that you have been suffering from, if it wasn’t one of the best things that ever happened to you, and if it was anything short of a life transformation to you, or if you were not happy with it for whatever reason, then I will give you a full refund and instantly return all your money back. All you would need to do is send a quick email requesting a refund, and you will instantly receive a full refund and have all your money back, no questions asked.

Guarantee Paypal Verified

But that’s not all; to make this a better deal for you, I wanted to offer you my:

Limited-Time Bonus: Access To My Private Email!

(Private Email Access: A $400 Value)

Woman studying computer

Did you think I was going to leave you stranded?

No. If you ever have any questions about anything in the program, or anything related to health and nutrition, and if you ever get confused or need a clearer explanation, just drop me an email, and I would be delighted to offer you my advice.

This is something special that I typically only offer my private coaching clients, but I’m opening it up to you today for a very short time only for FREE.

However, I only have a limited amount of time to devote to this bonus, so once I get booked up, I will no longer be able to offer it. If you don’t want to miss out on this offer, then go ahead and order the program today.


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Why is The Mirena Detox Program Better Than Every Other Program Out There?



  • The Mirena Detox Program is the most cutting-edge program available on hormone health, and is the only program that deals with the side effects of birth control methods and IUDs like Mirena. Most other ‘experts’ are not aware of the findings in this program, and are still recommending incomplete, outdated, and short-term solutions.



  • The Mirena Detox Program works on the underlying causes of your symptoms, rather than on the symptoms themselves. Many other programs and treatments will be effective in removing the symptoms temporarily, but the symptoms will always come back after a while, because the root of the problem has never been addressed.



  • The Mirena Detox Program is backed up by scientific research findings and evidence. All the strategies in the program have been proven effective in improving female hormone health, and at the end of the program you’ll find references to all supporting research and scientific studies.



  • The Mirena Detox recommended diet is an all-natural diet. There are no pharmaceutical drugs or synthetic supplements needed. Everything is completely natural, safe, gentle and proven to work if you commit to it.



  • The Mirena Detox Program is very affordable to follow, and has a budget plan tailored to those on a tight budget. The amount you will spend on the healing foods and herbs and detoxifying your body will be trivial compared to the cost of a doctor visit.



What You’ll Start to Experience After 40 Days On The Mirena Detox Program:



  • Lose all the excess fat and cellulite that you gained from being on the mirena, and become the fit, beautiful and feminine woman that you deeply are.



  • Have more energy and focus, and have more drive and motivation to get more work done and diligently pursue your goals and dreams in life.



  • Improve your metabolism dramatically so that you are able to enjoy food more without having to feel guilty or drive yourself crazy about the weight you will gain.



  • Learn about the healthiest, most delicious foods and recipes from which you can eat as much you want, without having to worry about having too many unhealthy calories or gaining fat.



  • Lose your cravings to carbs and sugar and unhealthy foods, and instead enjoy foods that are healthier, more delicious, and richer and deeper in flavor.



  • Have back your healthy sex drive, be able to enjoy sex a lot more, and have deeper, more satisfying sexual experiences. You will have more pleasure and your senses will be re-awakened. Remember that a healthy person is a sexual person.



  • Have a virtually painless period.



  • Hormones directly affect our mood and how good we feel. With healthy hormones, you’ll go back to being your real, fun, happy self again, and get rid of your depression and mood swings and anxiety once and for all.



  • Be in a great mood more often and feel more spiritually and emotionally uplifted.



  • If you plan on getting pregnant again, you will be able to conceive a healthy child and have an easy, healthy pregnancy.



  • Put an end to digestive upset and food allergies that are imprisoning your life.



  • Get rid of your acne, and have a younger, more youthful and beautiful skin.



  • Have deeper, more restful and restorative sleep, and wake up feeling more refreshed and renewed.



  • Your immune system will become much stronger and more sophisticated, and you’ll rarely get sick again



After 40 Days, Most of Your Side Effects and Symptoms Will Have Disappeared!

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Success Stories



Just think about all the frustration and money you’ve wasted trying to make these unbearable symptoms go away with ineffective treatments – that do nothing but flatten your wallet!

Instead, you can get the relief you need with a holistic, science-based program carefully designed to solve your exact side effects and problems.

And the program is risk free. You have nothing to lose. So just try it now.

You can download the program right now, and get started in the next 5 minutes. Within the first 30 minutes, you’ll learn at least 5 things that will help you reduce your symptoms, feel better and lose weight faster, starting today.

Do it for you, because you deserve it.

To your restored health and wellness!

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P.S. The Mirena Detox Program is 100% risk-free. Buy it now and you will get instant access immediately after you order. After the payment, you will be directed to a product page where you will be able to download the program.

Try it risk-free. Buy it nowyou will be so happy you did!


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